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Friday, October 29, 2010

Rolling Along Just Fine

Today marked a big day for me in both my career progression and my tennis world.  I'm finally starting to feel like things are back on track and beginning to roll along just fine.  

In regards to my career progression, today I completed two months on my new job and thus far I’ve received promising feedback on all of my efforts.  Many of you are not aware, but I'm back in the fleet world.  I've moved from corporate fleet to government fleet, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but there is a huge difference, and for me, a huge learning curve.  Now instead of just cars, trucks, SUV's, and vans, my fleet world has expanded to included just about anything with a motor or anything that can be pulled or hauled by something with a motor. I learned a lot about fleet operations while working in corporate fleet, but that only represents a fraction of what I will be required to learn for government fleet operations.  Corporate fleet allowed me to deal with an automotive mix - everything from the not-so-sexy cargo van to the oh-so-sexy luxury vehicle.  In government fleet, sexy doesn't exist, especially when you're dealing with taxpayer’s dollars and refuse vehicles (that’s garbage trucks, in laymen terms).  It's not sexy, but I'm enjoying the new challenge, the environment, the people, and let's not forget get the checks.

While my professional endeavors have been slowly improving and gaining speed, my tennis endeavors have been more like a roller coaster ride until tonight.  This evening both of the mixed doubles teams I play on clinched division titles.  It felt good to have a season in which I am a part of not one, but two winning teams.  This feeling of success and elation comes less than a week after the end of my most disappointing women's season since I began playing.  Two regular season division champion bag tags are just the beginning of what I am anticipating on the courts.  I have city playoffs, and hopefully, city finals for both teams in the upcoming weeks, as well as the start of my women’s winter season.  It may be getting cold outside, but I think it’s about to heat up on the courts, well, at least on the courts where I play.

Things really are starting to look up in my world and I think I’ll just allow the momentum of it all to carrying me for a while.



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