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Monday, November 1, 2010

Do or Die

This week is all about results and making it happen.  Friday is my "do or die" day.  For me, it is a day of great importance.  A hard deadline is in place at work requiring all of my fleet orders to be completed by Friday.  This will be my first real test at the new job, and despite my reliance on others, I'm going to make it happen.

On that same Friday, my two teams will begin their journeys toward becoming Atlanta's USTA Mixed Doubles Champions.  If I make it on the court, then my mindset is "do or die".  This isn't a round robin format so both teams have to perform; I have to perform and my partner has to perform.  We have one shot at making it to the next round, and I'm ready to give my all to keep the team rolling.

I'm focused and I'm putting in the time to make everything fall into place on Friday to achieve my desired results.  I'm going to make it do what it'll do, or damn near die trying.

Getting it done!


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