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Monday, November 8, 2010

Roll With the Punches

Sometimes it’s best to roll with the punches.  Occasionally, things will work out for the best.  I should have known the weekend was going to be slightly offbeat when the skies opened up and poured sleet instead of rain, late Friday afternoon.  I saw the storm clouds rolling into the eastern part of Dekalb County, but I was expecting rain, not sleet.  That’s pretty extreme for a place where the first frost doesn’t fall until the month of November.  I wish I had photographically chronicled the event and the look of sheer disbelief that had to be present on my face.  I’m sure it was some crazy wild-eyed look.  The sleet eventually gave way to rain and most of Dekalb County was soaked.  If you noticed, I said “most”.  It was unfortunate for us that the entire county didn’t experience rain.  Quite possibly, a rain out would have been a better outcome than the loss my 7.0 USTA Mixed Doubles team suffered.  What looked like a promising chance for the team to make a city final appearance didn’t quite materialize, and I can’t say I contributed much to change that outcome.  I definitely had to roll with that punch because it was almost as unexpected as the sleet.  While there is a sting that comes along with every loss, it isn’t all for the bad.  Instead of juggling practice and matches for three different teams, I’m only obligated to two teams.

On Saturday an event I was scheduled to attend was canceled and I decided to pass on the company picnic because of the cold weather.  This opened the door for time at home.  Once again, I rolled with it and made the most of my time indoors by knocking out my seasonal wardrobe changeover and making a huge dent in the housework that had been staring me in the face for over a week.  Unlike the previous day, so much was accomplished, and everything achieved allowed me to get a little closer to being better organized.  Time rolled back one hour and Sunday rolled along at an even easier pace than the previous two days.  I took time out to attend church, spent a couple of hours at the courts watching friends, and wrapped up my weekend.  What started out as a wacky weekend ended up being a completely unplanned, yet productive weekend.  I don’t think I could have planned it better if I had tried.  It just goes to show that sometimes it’s best if you’re flexible and roll with whatever life throws your way.

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