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Thursday, November 4, 2010

I’m No Dummy

More and more, I believe those who work with me are catching on.  I’m no dummy when it comes to automotive.  Yeah, I’m new to government fleet, but I’m not new to fleet and I am fairly well versed in automotive lingo.  GVWR, axle capacity, torque, and horsepower don’t scare me.  Male dominance in the fleet arena doesn’t intimidate me.  Since I’m not intimidated, I won’t back down when I know what I know.  Sorry guys, but you can’t just tell me change option “x”, that’s it for the changes, and think I’ll just roll with it.  Men you can’t really believe that I’m not going to dig through the specifications and talk to my vendors until I find every change that needs to be made or discussed before I spec out a vehicle.  You can try it, but just know that I’m no dummy.  Maybe it’s all those years I spent searching the country for cars, trucks, and vans, or quite possibly it’s all those order seasons that I spent all day curled up with vehicle order guides; whatever the reason, I won’t be punked.  So commit this to memory - SweetSpot Is No Dummy.


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