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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

Driving in Atlanta can be frustrating.  The commutes can be time consuming, and the traffic can be outrageous, as well as unpredictable.  If I couple the traffic with some of the bad and reckless driving tactics I encounter daily, then it's almost enough to make me hate driving. I've seen it all when it comes to bad driving, well... maybe not, but I've definitely seen my fair share.  

While at work, I met with a gentleman who was explaining his need for more reflective markers, warning strobes and lights on his work vehicles.  We swapped driving war stories; his were work related, and mine were personal.  Since he works in an area responsible for ensuring our streets were properly striped with painted lines, I thought I would share my logical theory for why I encounter so many oncoming drivers who fail to maintain their lanes and attempt to share mine.

SweetSpot:  "The problem has to be the stripes on the road.  They aren't bright enough."

Gentleman:  "No, I think you have that mixed up.  It's the driver's on the road who aren't bright enough."

You know what?  I think I like his theory a lot more than I like my own.

Gaining wisdom!

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